The performance criterion is one element which counts in every sphere of business organisation. The best performer always becomes a leader in business arena and it really takes a lot of effort and thoughtful decisions that takes a person to the next level. The business needs are getting complex with passage of time. This complexity has become an earning opportunity for many across the world. In the internet domain there has evolved a concept of cloud hosting to suffice the need of complex need for performance and speed. Cloud hosting is a facility that allows a person, or an organisation to store and modify data or increased performance of communication and even increased speed of website, over the Internet.

There has been ever growing need to maintain continuity to business operation whether big, small or medium and even a small disruption hurt the business in a big way. This makes it utmost necessary to resort some predefined solution and back up that will enhance the performance with minimal cost. Cloud hosting service is one solution that can be relied upon by small and medium enterprise which provides host of facility to the client from hardware facility to store large amount of data with high speed internet access by the client, and also ensures authorised access by the owners of the service rather than compromising on the security.

There are millions of small and medium enterprises across the worlds who are trying to make it big in the market and gain a fair share of the market, but every business organisation could not make a real success story. There are various websites that offer cloud hosting services with various facilities. The most important plus point of cloud hosting facility against the dedicated Server hosting owes to its cost effective feature. Generally websites providing hosting services charges client only for the usage. The more the usage the more the cost incurred and the less the usage the less will be the outflow. So small and medium organisation have to carefully chalk out the needs of their entity and determine the quantum and quality of hosting service to be used.

Moreover small enterprise would not be able to build server facility to accumulate, manage and disseminate data, but cloud hosting allows one to use multiple servers across the globe for such purpose thereby providing lot of flexibility to users. Cloud hosting service is now available at reasonable price and small and medium enterprise can notch up the service with ease as there has been a spurt in number of players making the competition very high. Moreover clients also achieve scalability i.e. they could achieve grand storage facility with high processing power. The advent of cloud hosting is to ensure quick performance with reliability, which will also ensure continuity of business operation and recovery of data in case of any fault. Moreover the maintenance cost to be incurred is borne by website providing the service thus making it more suitable for small and medium entity. In spite of the challenges that cloud hosting faces it is one of the most sought after options by business enterprise across the world to optimise their need, cost and efficiency.



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