CtrlS has appointed Modi Infosol as the second distributor for India market. With the strategic partnership of its distribution and overall India business strategy, CtrlS has set the tone for an aggressive growth plan and strategies for the India market. Redington will continue to be the distributor for CtrlS.

CtrlS as a tier 4 certified datacenter with expertise in the areas of datacenter management, collocation services, DR provides a complete suite of offerings from platform level services which include datacenter infrastructure, storage, backup, hardware to OS layers, network and security layers.

The partnership will make select set of partners of Modi Infosol capable of selling Managed Services, Network Services, and other offerings such as Disaster Recovery, Cloud offerings, Messaging solutions among others. 

Under the alliance, Modi Infosol will also offer CtrlS marketing support in order to promote the products and services of the company to all prospective customers who look to avail similar services in the territory, said Sunil Raja Pudota, National Sales Head,CtrlS.

Delhi headquartered Modi Infosol as a distributor would be responsible for the development of channel partners for CtrlS. “Our sales people – region by region will identity the channel partners suitable for these products and service across India., says Anuj Modi, Director, Modi Infosol.

Modi Infosol works with over 2500 channel partners across India through full-fledged operations in nine states including Haryana, UP, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal. “For CtrlS, we would align with competent VARs and Systems Integrators. There will be hand holding to ensure that sales people of partner organisations are trained on CtrlS solutions and services to get well versed with pre sales and post sales at the customer end,” informs Modi.

Cloud (Private and Public) deployments will increase in future as per Modi. “There is large uptake for private cloud wherein enterprises collocate their data centre. DR is witnessing more adoption with compliance becoming mandatory across different verticals. These pose huge opportunities for channel partners,” says Modi. For public cloud too, CtrlS has an extensive range of ‘opex centric’ services which appeal to enterprises today, he adds.

Cloud is usually a concept which has a longer sales cycle than a traditional On Premise deployment. Working on the core infrastructure of an organization takes more time to convince them for cloud, agrees Modi. However he adds, “There is a recurring and predictable business for partners. Also cloud leads to more customer stickiness and the business will increase multi fold in future. And such business offers healthy margins for partners.”

The partners on board will define the focused market segment as CtrlS offerings cut across the verticals. “However SMBs will be immediate focus that are more receptive to private cloud and also public cloud. Enterprises will follow soon. Also BFSI will be a key vertical as CtrlS is quite strong in that segment,” said Modi.

For the first quarter of 2014, Modi Infosol would increase their presence in Hyderabad, Chennai and Rajasthan “With cloud era ushering in, we are confident to build competent channel base of delivering solutions and services from CtrlS. Partners can expect recurring business, customer stickiness and bottom-lines,” said Modi at Modi Infosol.

With the current trends such as cloud computing, BYOD, BYOX, CtrlS would further tap the untapped potential of the India market and capture a bigger market share, while addressing challenges of CIOs to function a dynamic and complex IT environment,” says Pudota at CtrlS.

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India's leading global data center solution provider, CtrlS Data Center Ltd offers Dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, disaster recovery, Managed Services,  server colocation, and Cloud hosting  services.  To know more about our services visit https://www.ctrls.com

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Data centers help in maintaining the data in efficient manner which can be processed at the wills of the companies in a manner that is beneficial to their organisation. To data center services visit https://www.ctrls.com
The performance criterion is one element which counts in every sphere of business organisation. The best performer always becomes a leader in business arena and it really takes a lot of effort and thoughtful decisions that takes a person to the next level. The business needs are getting complex with passage of time. This complexity has become an earning opportunity for many across the world. In the internet domain there has evolved a concept of cloud hosting to suffice the need of complex need for performance and speed. Cloud hosting is a facility that allows a person, or an organisation to store and modify data or increased performance of communication and even increased speed of website, over the Internet.

There has been ever growing need to maintain continuity to business operation whether big, small or medium and even a small disruption hurt the business in a big way. This makes it utmost necessary to resort some predefined solution and back up that will enhance the performance with minimal cost. Cloud hosting service is one solution that can be relied upon by small and medium enterprise which provides host of facility to the client from hardware facility to store large amount of data with high speed internet access by the client, and also ensures authorised access by the owners of the service rather than compromising on the security.

There are millions of small and medium enterprises across the worlds who are trying to make it big in the market and gain a fair share of the market, but every business organisation could not make a real success story. There are various websites that offer cloud hosting services with various facilities. The most important plus point of cloud hosting facility against the dedicated Server hosting owes to its cost effective feature. Generally websites providing hosting services charges client only for the usage. The more the usage the more the cost incurred and the less the usage the less will be the outflow. So small and medium organisation have to carefully chalk out the needs of their entity and determine the quantum and quality of hosting service to be used.

Moreover small enterprise would not be able to build server facility to accumulate, manage and disseminate data, but cloud hosting allows one to use multiple servers across the globe for such purpose thereby providing lot of flexibility to users. Cloud hosting service is now available at reasonable price and small and medium enterprise can notch up the service with ease as there has been a spurt in number of players making the competition very high. Moreover clients also achieve scalability i.e. they could achieve grand storage facility with high processing power. The advent of cloud hosting is to ensure quick performance with reliability, which will also ensure continuity of business operation and recovery of data in case of any fault. Moreover the maintenance cost to be incurred is borne by website providing the service thus making it more suitable for small and medium entity. In spite of the challenges that cloud hosting faces it is one of the most sought after options by business enterprise across the world to optimise their need, cost and efficiency.

The disaster recovery is essential for business at the time of disasters, the process simply should not denote a set of actions activated due to the disaster. A disaster recovery must interact with the entire business continuity management in a clear and concise format , focus on the key plans to gain quick recovery benefits and insist on regular diagnosis and upgrading of data recovery plan, have an owner, and ensure that the recovery aim to be fulfilled.

While all the pre measures are mandate to secure the server data at crisis, in the mean time cutting down the time incurred to restore the data. A Reliable disaster plan steps ahead of backup servers. Response from community paves the way for establishing short-term and long-term recovery. An organization may face disaster issues either due to power crisis, data center meltdown or major calamities.

For effective counteracts of recovering few key procedures must be practiced and implemented across the center. By analyzing few mitigation topics before disaster occurs a community gets ready for restoring events. Decision making requires low distracting surroundings, with proper investment, public, and cost effective analysis. DR is mandate for all corners of organization. Active participation from every one in the center is essential to extract an effective disaster recovery policy since critical entities are determined. Critical requirements like information and equipment are enclosed in order to perform consistent operations at time disasters. The most successful DR Strategy is one that will never be implemented; therefore, risk avoidance is a critical element in the disaster recover process.

A DR Management System is described has the present stages of planning, designing , testing and deploying Disaster Recovery management strategies and processes to guarantee the efficient and effective recovery of vital business operations during unplanned disturbances. With the increased dependence on I/S and the Business Process to assist the business development and transformation aggregated with their issues , associated with the problems of latest technology, the following are keys to implement a complete Disaster Recovery Program.

Firms that are focused about DR primarily improve response events prior to the next level topics concepts of holistic recovery. In the post-disaster period, people believe that relieve activities may not sustain , or coupling community enhancing may be expensive, and consumes great time . Unfortunately, within this same time decisions will affect reformations and recovery is made, and thus the chance to integrate the standards of sustainability into the recovery process is lost.

Communities that experience repeated disasters, and if the disasters are related .The increased awareness created by the last one can provide assistance for pre-disaster planning for the next one, including the chance to consolidated sustainability.

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Cloud Provider and cloud computing company  CtrlS,  India’s first Tier 4 certified data center offers  dedicated server hosting, disaster recovery, colocation services, cloud hosting, linux vps and managed vps services.
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CtrlS  data centers are Tier IV certified, the first and only one certified to that level in India offers disaster recovery services, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, vps host solutions and colocation services.
India's leading global data center solution provider, CtrlS Data Center Ltd offers Dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, disaster recovery, Managed Services, online backup, online storage, dedicated email solutions, server colocation, and Cloud hosting  services.

As a business head or IT firm, if the factors of scanning the right Virtual Private Server web hosting service providers throw you into confusion, gather the useful suggestions pointed out in brief to aid you in selecting suitable VPS hosting service vendor. On preferring a Cheapest VPS plan an enterprise must analyze many elements prior choice to a VPS.

On moving with the discussion primary concern will be the commitment to the service promising a 99.99% uptime guarantee from VPS service provider. For a beginner, server availability assures an inclusive accessibility of websites on the server and their round the clock service to the consumers. The major constraint of a Web Hosting Services vendor is that the servers are available and function without even minor disturbances. A slight server disturbance can result in the downtime of hosted and integrated services like website, email, FTP access, etc.

Presence of a flexible management tool is essential for the clients who go with the VPS hosting plans. A control panel therefore behaves as a vast redemption. VPS consists of two primarily control panels available in the market with several utilities and user oriented features termed has cPanel and Plesk. You can opt for either of them as they have customized benefits with a specific virtual private server plan. Both of the control panels are ideally configured with a number of highly decisive management and organizational tools for the users. Some professionals trust that cPanel provides more consistent control panel specifications than the Plesk. In contrast, you focus on your business needs and move on with that benefit in an effective way.

While selecting the cheap VPS plan, make sure that provider offers the ideal VPS host security. It is very necessary to find whether the provider gives the service with ideal security checks and a root security mechanism. Analyze whether the VPS dedicated server provider handles the security problems in a consistent way. A competent server equipped with Secured Socket Layer Certificates to look at whole transaction process done on a website. It's also very important to find whether the hosting provider provides all round servers monitoring for your VPS account. Ideal VPS protection and server monitoring is useful in restricting security attacks and other invades. Almost all hosting service providers' promises to offer round the clock technical and customer support to the clients. A reliable VPS provider guarantees multiple channel customer support with various communication mediums like phone, fax, e-mail and IVR.

VPS hosts offer flexible round the clock response to the clients and make the queries solved quickly. So you need to make sure that your provider enables you most response time. At the time of purchasing a VPS hosting service ask your vendor about the specifications of hosting he offers. A host classified in to two types namely Managed Server Plans or Unmanaged Server Plans. You can go with the one that better analyzes your needs, capital and business. Take time to describe on selecting a managed server or unmanaged server. With the managed server, you can leave all the managerial tasks on your provider right from initiation of installation to security when compared to unmanaged services. A predefined web hosting plan provides a number of consistent features to the buyers in a best price.

These are the pre defined set of services however available with proper and concise plan. You should check the list of the services composed in a plan. A significant plan involves features like MySQL databases, PHP support, several free domains, e-commerce elements and others. Some other providers also offer free bandwidth, email addresses and FTP support. VPS enables your firm with flexible features to maximize your productivity and gain profits.

Top Cheapest VPS Hosting providers and cloud computing companies in India, CtrlS data center india offers affordable and cheap VPS, dedicated server hosting, Cloud hosting solutions and managed VPS services.

Linux VPS hosting is the cheapest hosting service, since Linux is an open source and freely downloadable. This software reduces the excess expenses spent by the web hosting providers to maintain the servers. The users of Linux VPS are benefited with the services similar to Windows VPS.

Apart from the decreased costs, other reasons to select a Linux hosting for your business is security, Capability, powerfully built. Of course, All the Linux servers are not similar. This article comprises of the features required in VPS. One of the most prominent features of the hosting services is the ability to produce most customizations to your virtual server and configure its performance so it provides the best results. To make the max benefits from the resources and reliability of a VPS server you need fully interactive with the server so you can make modifications, customizations, or even restart the server. An additional facility known as snapshot and cloning enables you to restore the server's old state and configure and capture daily backups. The speed of hard disk is rapidly increased with implementation of caching methods in Linux VPS.

Access to Linux Virtual server from remote locations is easy, by shell kernel access to the server OS. Using Linux servers the secure connection at max rates so no hacking of data occurs from hackers. SSH denotes Secure Shell, an encrypted medium for interaction between the web administrator and the web server. Another useful benefit that you get on purchasing a Linux VPS server is you get a control panel. Using the control panel the complete control of server is in your hands. Some of the significant functions provided by a control panel includes domain management, file management, mail accounts, server logs access, and database management.

Advanced and modern control panels, such as cPanel and Plesk, allow you to automate certain administrative problems by setting cron tools On using Linux VPS your online presence becomes an inspiration, confidence and trust to your visitors or genuine customers. Reliability is a primary thing for any webmaster; to run the website in a hassle free environment and produce more revenue At times, we need support from your Linux Virtual Private Server hosting provider. At typical cases when you require to make alterations to the hardware allocated in your virtual machine. This is due to increased traffic than expected or unwarned issues can cause threats to your website or even make it fully down at peak hours.

To solve all your queries about maintaining the Server . Linux VPS hosting providers offer 24/7 customer tech support. On the Linux VPS has great advantages over other virtual servers. It best suits for small and medium business enterprises.

CtrlS Data Center India a premier web hosting company offers secure dedicated server hosting , vps host solutions, managed vps, colocation services, disaster recovery on demand and linux vps hosting solutions.

A datacenter is a facility where computer systems and its components are housed. Datacentre holds servers and related network equipment like telecommunications, storage systems, data connectivity, electrical power distribution, backup power systems, environmental systems, fire suppression systems and security systems.

Let's see its usages:

IT operations rely on their information systems to run their operations. What if a system becomes unavailable? Company operations may be hindered completely. In order to minimize the chance of disruption and provide security, datacenters help in weeding out the possible security breaches and also provide high standards for assuring the integrity and functionality of the host computer. Datacenter provides both emergency backup and power generation. They primarily help to acquire, analyze, process, store, retrieve and disseminate different types of data.

With the help of Data Centers IT firms are able to access data instantly and present it in the required format, share information confidently, develop critical reporting tools, enables efficiency and process developments. They play a vital role in keeping networks safe, efficient and compliant.

Data Threat

IT firms incur huge loses if the company data is lost or stolen or tampered. Some of the other threats include excessive privilege abuse, weak audit trail, SQL Injection, etc.

Conquer Data Threat

Several companies provide cost effective and reliable solutions to overcome the data threat. They emphasize to safeguard data privacy and integrity regulations. Database security solutions include transparent data encryption, privileged user and multi-factor access control, masking, database activity auditing and monitoring, as well as classification.

Further the IT firms who want to use efficient database security systems need not go for a complete change or revamp of the existing applications. They do not interfere with the existing efficiency of the computer systems. They help in the smooth operations of the businesses around the world safeguarding business intelligence and business process.

These days leading datacentres improved they data security messures to secure their clients valuable and critical data. Some of the key secuirity trends are web application fire wall, IAM(Identity and access management) with one time password, use of SSL certificate, FIPS-140-2 certified user identification, log aggregator devices and host based protection mechanism.

Tier 4 certified CtrlS Data Center India is a leading service provider of Data center services, VPS host, managed vps, colocation services, Cloud Hosting , disaster recovery on demand, SaaS & Apps, ecommerce, cloud servers and secure dedicated server hosting solutions. It also offers them all with a safe, reliable data center platform. Zero downtime, complete protection and significant savings are just some of the ways we impact their bottom line.

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